Before & After ~ Study

I am so excited that FINALLY I can call my study a “study”. Being the first room you see when you set foot in the front door, it was killing me that the room was either far too bare or a mess because it eventually became a dumping ground.

The new cabinet arrived while I was in Adelaide but I had to wait for a friend to pick up the old filing cabinet before I could move it in to its new home. I still have a bit more to do eg painting the bookshelf that is on the wall in front of the desk that is not visible in these photos and dressing up the walls a bit. I am thinking of putting a white floating shelf above the cabinet???

List of new items:

  • White 3 door cabinet
  • Striped green chair & ottoman (from our bedroom)
  • Lamp
  • Printer/fax/scanner in 1
  • Framed Thai tribal necklace (gift from my Godmother)
  • iMac is relatively new 🙂

I decided to shift the desk in to the position that it is now so I can properly see out the window while I am working and Jordan likes to sit at the first window so I couldn’t obstruct his view either!

4 thoughts on “Before & After ~ Study

  1. Thank you xxx green is my favourite colour and I have splashes of it everywhere in our home! I am so happy with the outcome of the room and it finally feels good to work in it.

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