A New Addition To The Family


I always knew when the time came for us to say goodbye to our boy Jordan it wouldn’t be long until we had another pup in our household. The past few weeks were very quiet. I must admit it had been easy with just 2 cats to look after but we knew something was missing.

I had been checking out rescue sites every now and again just to see what was going on and one morning I logged on the dogzonline and there she was. Indy, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, was needing to be rehomed due to a relocation. A heart breaking decision to find a new home for this sweet baby girl…our home was it!

Apart from a few separation anxiety issues (she was living in a pack situation so had another dog with her constantly) she is the perfect dog. At 2.5 years of age she is house trained and was also a show dog so she knows quite a few commands. It’s quite uncanny that she has a few of Jordan’s traits, even to the smelly toes which we call dor-i-toes (as in the chips). She was brought up with cats, which was my main concern and she is so good with our little boys. Jasper was a bit put out when we brought her home and showed her who was alpha male in the household…obviously not the Husband in this circumstance! He has now warmed to her and they even chased a fly together this morning.

At the beginning I did have a moment of feeling that I had betrayed Jordan. I had a few tears that she was not my boy. She will never replace him but she will bring us her own unique joy, like he did, which she is doing every day. This is the first time I have ever had a pure bred dog and we feel we have made the right decision on the breed that we chose. We did a lot of research on what kind of dog we wanted and the Ridgeback is perfect for us. They are basically the cats of the dog world! They are clean, aloof, demand cuddles when they want it and will curl up in a ball to sleep. They are however very protective of their family and she knew straight away that our home and everything in it was sacred. I have also learnt pretty quickly, that like a cat, if you let them do as they please they will do it but are very quick to learn when you tell them what they are not supposed to do…unlike a cat!

It has only been 8 days with Indy but I know I have found a very loyal and loving girl.


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