Versatile Blogger Award

This morning when I was reading my emails I came across a message that I received a Versatile Blogger Award from a beautiful girl far far away. When I read that Char comes from Cornwall the first thing that popped in to my head was Cornish pasties. Coming from little ol’ Adelaide we were taught to make these wonderful baked goodies as a kid…but she gets the real deal!!!

Thank you Char for my award, it really means a lot xxx

You can check out Char’s blog here.


As part of the award, I need to give 10 random facts about myself & nominate 10 other bloggers, so here goes…

1) I am totally freaked out by sultanas & tap water, yes tap water (except when in Melbourne because their water is seriously like drinking bottled water).

2) I could spend my days with animals & animals only & honestly never need to see a human for a while.

3) I take my camera everywhere with me & if I don’t have my Canon I will have my powershot or an iPhone. Yes, some days I look like a tourist in my own city!

4) I am addicted to the scent of apple & cinnamon.

5) I have a photographic memory.

6) I have slight OCD & make sure things line up. It has caused a bit of tension in my household because the Husband will move the chairs slightly to get me to bite, which I do as it aggravates me.

7) I dream to one day visit Alaska & to trek through the Amazon.

8) I am a night owl.

9) I am repulsed by sweat hence why I am finding it really difficult to find my mojo & go back to the gym.

10) I could live on sashimi!

And I nominate…

iPhone Photographer
Our Little Place
It’s The Small Things
Hummingbirds Song
My Outlook In life
Leanne Cole Photography
Smells Like Home
Pretty Fluffy
Hungry Heart Thirsty Mind

It would actually be easier to add every blog that I read!!!


One thought on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Yay! I love reading everyone’s facts on this 🙂 and Cornish pasties are of course a big deal here, that’s so cool that you learnt how to make them all the way in Adelaide! Love the photography on your blog btw 🙂 x

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