Day 6 ~ August Photo A Day


Day 6 ~ This Mean a Lot to Me

Of course it’s going to be my animals and this boy is very special to me. Kobe has dilated myopathy, a rare form of heart disease that causes fluid to build up in his chest cavity leaving his lungs floating in a pinkish pool. He has had to have his chest drained twice, the first resulting in 375ml of fluid removed. That’s a beer bottles worth of fluid!

He is defying all odds and remains his same Kobe self. Feed me, cuddle me, love me…leave me alone! Yes, he is a typical cat!

Life at the moment with him remains all about quality, not quantity. At 14 years of age he has been through quite a bit and just like our boy Jordan, he is determined to soldier on through this. Don’t know how much the fur-mumma can take anymore but I am appreciating every second I get with him.


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