Day 11 ~ June Photo A Day


Day 11  |  Something Funny

I photograph houses for a living & I can honestly say that for every house that I have photographed with an animal living in it they either refuse to move of their comfy spot on the bed or couch so I’ve had to make them a part of the shot, or they have wanted to play.

This day I had photographed a house with 3 cats and spent 15 minutes trying to find one that I thought escaped only to find out when I got back to the office that they were allowed outside, also when I said “oh I did find the white one” I was told there were 2 white cats. Oh dear!

Then I moved on to this house with the dog that howled at me the whole time I was shooting inside. He had his ball at his side at the back door and was rip-roaring and ready to play. At 12 months old he was big and when I went outside he ran towards me and didn’t even care from tripod that was between myself and him. All I was thinking was the $$$ in my arms as he ran circles around me. By the end of it was covered in fur and the camera and myself were covered in slobber.

As soon as I had taken this shot my lens was covered in goo and the imprint of his ball.

Perks of the job I suppose! 😛 lucky I love animals more than anything in the world!!!


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