Halloween Ghost Dog

When I was a child Halloween really wasn’t celebrated. We knew about it and heard the fun that people overseas had when the time of year came around but that was as far as we would get. The last couple of years, though, I have noticed that Australian’s have decided to get on the bandwagon…much to the dismay of some Aussie’s.

Just like the kids in the area, my boy Jordan loves Halloween. Only issue being while we were trying to get his costume on the kids were knocking at our front door so it was a battle trying to get Ghost Dog ready while running to the door (mainly me after Jordan). By the end of it he looked more like a Mummy than a Ghost!

All in all he enjoyed himself and at 14 years of age with legs that are starting to drag behind him, he was bouncing up and down whilst greeting all the kids and their parents.

Happy Halloween!

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