The Chef of Healthy

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One thing I have managed do to while on my blogging hiatus is change my eating habits.

I’m not a bad eater but more of an erratic eater. I’ll skip breakfast most days, have a small lunch and then by dinner I am ravenous resulting in servings bigger than what a man can eat. I love my food and I definitely love to cook, especially bake, so our fridge and pantry is always stocked with copious amounts of food ingredients.

After coming down with the worst chest infection I have ever endured I decided it was time to clean out my system but I didn’t want to “detox”. A few months ago I was directed to a clean eating plan on the Body For Women site and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to find out more about the chef who designed the meals.

The Healthy Chef aka Teresa Cutter is a classically French trained chef, nutritionalist and fitness trainer dedicated to healthy eating and lifestyle. Her knowledge of food and how we can still eat the foods we love without the “naughtiness” had me reaching for a pen and paper to make a list of everything I needed to start heating healthy. She also made me want to throw all the processed crap out of my cupboards and fridge.

To give you a little insight on how awesome her recipes are, check out the Chocolate Cake. Now, before you scroll down to read what ingredients go in to making that cake, how good does the frosting look? Are you drooling just at the site of the glossy, gooeyness of it all? There is avocado in it! Yes, you read correctly…A V O C A D O!

I have been mixing ingredients and putting things in to dishes that I would have never thought possible and I feel fantastic! Oh and my skin is glowing.

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