Have Been Gone But Not Forgotten

Pic courtesy of weheartit

This is how my life feels like right now!

I hate whingeing to people and saying “I’ve been so busy” but my life has been so chaotic lately that all I can fit in to it is work with a bit of time for eating and sleeping in between. At least I’m not bored BUT I am finding that the small things like my blog and even my poor friends are getting left behind.

There are seriously not enough hours in a day at the moment and I am finding myself getting to an end of a week thinking “how the hell did we get here so quickly and where has the time gone?” That really is a scary thought actually. It’s bad enough that I sit here typing this and then my mind starts wandering off thinking “OMG I’m 35 years old, where has my life gone?”


I will now make a concerted effort to take the time to enjoy every single second of the day and not get caught up in the moment. Some times we have to stop living to work and enjoying this precious time we have.

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