I Heart Faces Photo Challenge ~ Pet Faces

This photo just shows the epitome of happiness in my boy, Jordan.

Jordan will turning 14 years old this month & unfortunately he can’t even make it around the block let alone going to his favourite place in the whole wide world…the beach. A soon as we would turn the corner to road to take down to the beach he would start whining as he knew exactly where were going. He would jump out of the car at lightening speed & sniff every inch of the sand dunes before taking a run along the beach, only getting his paws wet in the water. He’s not a huge fan of the waves so would only go in “ankle” deep.

I took this photo as he was doing his usual run, sniff, play & only gave me seconds to snap then he was off again as some puppies caught his attention.

This post is part of the I Heart Faces Photo Challenge ~ Pet Faces. Pop on over & take a look at all the gorgeous entries. I think I’m going to take at least an hour or so to get through all the cute faces.

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