Skittles Vodka

Last night I had to make another bottle of Redksin Vodka, recipe can be found here. I had left over vodka so I decided to grab a packet of Skittles and try new flavours!

Skittles Vodka

1 x bottle of Vodka
1 x packet of Skittles

Separate the skittles in to bottles in their corresponding colours. Fill with vodka, seal & then give the bottles a little shake. After about an hour rotate the bottles to move the skittles around and repeat this every day until the skittles have dissolved. It takes about 3 days for them to completely dissolve.

Gum may format the top of the vodka and if this does happen you can strain using coffee filter papers or paper towel.

~ Enjoy ~

6 thoughts on “Skittles Vodka

    • I haven’t tried it yet & this is the first time I have made it. I am gathering you can mix the flavours together to make new one’s too 🙂 the redskin vodka, however, tastes exactly like redskin which is dangerous because you can’t taste any alcohol when used as a mixer hahaha

    • They also look so pretty at the moment lined up on my kitchen bench 😛 I had musk vodka on the weekend & that was pretty good!

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