June Photo A Day ~ Day 19

Day 19 ~ Imperfect

I will always remember the day a little black, 4 week old kitten was placed in hands. He was so small, defenceless but not frightened at all. I knew that he was going to come home with me and I knew he was going to stay.

The first thing that I remember when I looked at Jasper was how black his fur was and how blue his were but there was one thing…his right eye wasn’t right. His pupil actually turned downwards. His sight was perfect though, he walked straight, he didn’t bump in to anything but his little eye just looked imperfect.

The vet did a check and said his sight was spot on and that he had a little quirk that may change as he got older, and it has. His eye is not as bad as what it was when he was little but you can still see that both eyes don’t look the same. It’s funny because Kobe our Burmese x has typical Oriental eyes and one turns inwards.

We love him all the same and he loves as just as much!

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