June Photo A Day ~ Day 18

Day 18 ~ Something We Don’t Know About You

I must admit I am a girly girl. I love shopping, I love clothes and I LOVE shoes but I also love cars!ย I get a massive kick out of watching car racing and I love driving fast cars. My inner boy comes out when a vehicle catches my eye that is extremely appealing.

6 thoughts on “June Photo A Day ~ Day 18

    • Hahaha my Mother keeps asking if I’m her daughter, she just can’t understand it! I have been able to “sit” in a few fast cars e.g. Ferrari, Lambo but not with them moving dammit. I have been in a V8 Supercar & that was fast. The fastest car I have owned was a Honda S2000 & back then they had raced them against a Ferrari & it kept up!

      • My friend let me drive his S2000 once. It felt like a fun car to drive. Right now I have an old SVT focus thats pretty fun and sporty for a 4 cylinder. When I’m lucky, my dad will let me take his Carrera for a spin.

        The fastest car I’ve been in was a friend’s Gallardo. Not only is it crazy fast, but everyone stares at you. Lucky guy worked for google before the stock went public and had amassed enough to retire at 26 lol.

      • I think S2000’s are like expensive go-carts ๐Ÿ˜› we have a VW Golf & that little thing powers along so yes, 4 cylinders can be fun.

        A 26 year old with a Gallardo??? OMG how many chicks did he pick up ๐Ÿ˜› my husband wants a purple Lambo *roll eyes*

        I love Porsche’s. My dream car is a Cayenne but alas I am trading my little Audi TT to get a Jeep as I am a 4WD girl at heart. I pick it up on Monday ๐Ÿ™‚

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