June Photo A Day ~ Day 8

Day 8 ~ 6 o’clock

I make no secret about the fact that I am not a morning person. I could stay up all night & sleep all day however, in a weird way I do love seeing the sun rise.

Since my dog has gotten older, he tends to now wake me up quite early so he can go out & do his business. This new routine begins by pacing around the bed at 6:30am, flopping on the floor, waiting about 30 seconds, then jumping up & doing it all over again. If I don’t get the hint, he will then lick my hand or face which usually means “NOW, or I will pee all over the floor”.

I was coping with 6:30am as at least it was light outside & most normal people rise at that time however, the kitten has a body clock which is not in sync with the dog. He decided that 5:30am is an awesome time to treat the bedroom like a circus & do laps under, over & around the bed, across the bedhead as well as tormenting the other cat.

I have decided now that when they all begin their tirade in the bedroom to get me up it’s just easier to feed them as I can at least slip back in to bed for a few more hours of shut-eye & they come back to bed with their full little bellies & sleep it off.

Now, getting back to this 6 o’clock business. I was completely amazed to see the sky like this. It was even “fluffier” at 10:00am on the way to work.

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