April Photo A Day ~ Day 20

Day 20 ~ Something You Drew

There was a time in my life that I would never, ever let anyone (except of course my immediate family) see me without make up on. I had a huge hang up about my skin growing up and I could not let anyone see the imperfections that I saw.

A huge turning point for me was working for a cosmetic surgeon who specialised in skin care. He showed me what was wrong with my skin, why it was happening and what I could do to fix it. It worked!

The next big step for me was when we went on holiday to Fiji. The weather made it extremely difficult to apply make up let alone wear it so I spent the next 10 days completely make up free. Having the sun on my skin and swimming in the ocean every day cleared everything. My skin looked AMAZING!!!

Now days, I’m finding that I am a lot  more light handed when applying my make up but I still must draw on my eye liner every day.

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