April Photo A Day ~ Day 13

Day 13 ~ Something You Found

I absolutely love frangipani trees. I planted one in my old house and 11 years later is HUGE. So big in fact that I had to trim it when my tenants moved out. Luckily with frangipani’s you can take cuttings from them so I cut off 4 and took them back to my own home to plant. Little did I realise when I got home that my “cuttings” were so big, when planted they looked like trees and the one I gave to my neighbour he was able to 4 plants from.

I lined 3 of them up in a row along our fence in view of our outdoor dining setting so we can enjoy them in bloom. I knew when I planted them they may go in to shock, and that they did. They didn’t look happy at all but amazingly one of them has bounced back to life even though it’s not the time for them to.

This morning I woke to a few gorgeous pale pink flowers that smell absolutely divine. I can’t wait ’til next Summer when all 3 of them are in full bloom.

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