Redskin Vodka

Two things that I love, Redskin lollies and vodka, have been brought to my attention that when mixed together are a marriage made in heaven. So, I decided to make my own and boy was it easy!

Redskin Vodka

  • 1 bottle of vodka
  • 1 packet of redskins

Take out roughly ½ cup of vodka. Unwrap all of the redskins and one at a time push through the opening of the bottle of the vodka. Once finished, top up with excess vodka. Shake bottle and leave to infuse.

This can take up to week for all of the redskins to dissolve, may be longer. Shake or turn bottle every day.

Once ready to use, sieve gum/scum from the top of the bottle and decanter.

Depending on how strong you want your vodka to taste depends on how many redskins you use. Personally I have found that I could probably put another ½ of a packet in as well as add a bit of sugar syrup for sweetness.


Last night we decided to make frozen margaritas with the vodka and O.M.G. they were amazing.

Frozen Margarita

  • Cup of ice
  • 1 tablespoon of cream
  • 60ml shot of redskin vodka

Blend all ingredients in a blender and serve in a cocktail glass.

~ Enjoy ~


Next infused vodka…jersey caramels!!!

4 thoughts on “Redskin Vodka

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    • Redskins are pink stick type lollies made by Wonka. I am sure they’re an American brand of candy and you should be able to get them from stores that sell lollies from the US. They’re are everywhere here in Australia and we just buy them from the grocery store.

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