Point + Shoot ~ Jessie

Today for the January Photo A Day Challenge with Fat Mum Slim was to take a photo of Something Old. I had two things in mind straight away, one of my Grandfather’s medals from the war that he gave to me or my favourite toy Jessie.

I used the medal as my photo for today so now I have chosen to show you my other choice…Jessie. A stuffed toy you ask? Jessie was made by my Great-Grandmother (my Nanna’s Mother) and was given to me on the day I was born. He is a knitted toy Jester that I have now had for over 30 years. He has been everywhere with me and has travelled the globe. He was left in San Francisco when I was 7 years old and my poor Mother had to put up with a grieving child until the hotel packaged him and sent him safely back to Australia.

One of his hands is falling apart and he is quite a bit faded compared to what he used to look like but I am amazed at how good he looks. I have had to gently hand wash him after he was boxed away with the rest of my toys at my Grandparents house for a few years but he now sits proudly on my spare bed. I’m still very fond of my precious toy and Kobe ym cat is very lucky that I sometimes let him snuggly up to Jessie when he sleeps in there.

Do you still have your first toy?

*This post is part of Point + Shoot over at sunny + scout. Pop on over and join in too!

2 thoughts on “Point + Shoot ~ Jessie

  1. i have a teddy bear that i got from my mums friend when i was born. It used to be a lovely soft pink colour, now its more dirty grey from years love haha.

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