Jordan The Sculpture

Last year I entered Jordan in to a competition on the Toby the Wonderdog Facebook page to win a sculpture made by the amazingly talented Teangi. The competition guidelines were to post a photo of your pet and what they mean to you so I posted my most favourite photo of Jordan and wrote about what he meant to me and about how his illness has formed even more of a bond between us.

I happened to log on to Facebook the night the winner was to be announced and didn’t even think twice about it. I had that feeling of ‘we wouldn’t win’ because like me, the 100’s of other entries had beautiful adoring pets that deserved to win just as much us.

I hit refresh and there in the status was ‘congratulations to Jordan’. My mouth hit the floor and I was overwhelmed with emotion. My boy had won and in true Mumma style, I cried. The husband just happened to call as I read the message and was a bit shocked to a blubbering mess on the other end of the phone. I finally calmed down to tell him what happened and he was just excited as I was.

The past couple of weeks have seen emails go back and forth between Teangi and myself with photos and lists of Jordan quirks…there are a lot! I gave her so much information without actually telling her what I would like the sculpture to look like and a few days ago I received an email from her with photos of what the end result looks like. Again, my mouth hit the floor but this time I laughed. I laughed because it was as if she had gotten in to my head and had sculpted what I see of him…what we see.

We will be receiving ‘sculpture Jordan’ early next month as it has a bit more curing time. I can’t wait to see it and will definitely post photos once it is in our hot little hands. I also can’t wait to see Jordan’s reaction!

Thank you so much to Teangi and Katrina Warren for making this happen. We are so blessed to have such kind hearted people like them in this world.

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