Before & After ~ Deck

Well, it has only taken an epic 3 years to do our outdoor deck but it is finished (except for a few little things eg I need to sell the table setting in the alfresco area and replace it with a daybed with matching chairs). I knew our outdoor area wouldn’t be easy but my goodness it has been hard.

We started with an extension to the deck for it to wrap around the house and finish at the beginning of the back yard. When that was completely we realised we were left with a massive open space that needed to be covered but covering nearly 10 metres was going to be costly and being me it just had to be right. We ummed and ahhhed, actually I lie, heavily discussed over what would work and he won with the Bali hut. Only issue being the distance from the house to the fence and having 4 posts would just take up too much room. The company suggested bracing to the roof BUT that meant it was going to be higher than the usually height of most huts. So we compromised. It is higher than usual but it still does the job and we only have 2 posts in the way now.

New items include:

  • Outdoor table setting for 6 people
  • Matching chair with ottoman
  • Fire pit
  • Fish pond/pot
  • 3 x planter boxes with golden cane palms
  • Small shallow bowl for birds to swim in & drink from
  • 3 x Agaves planted either side of deck

It is amazing what a difference it makes from the view of our living/dining/kitchen areas as well. I am so happy with it even though I had to wait so long…but it’s worth it!

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