Point + Shoot ~ Water Lily Blooms

The Husband came up with what he thought was such an awesome idea…let’s get a fish pond! As much as we all know how much I love animals, to be honest I couldn’t be bothered with a fish pond. I’ve had my fair share of fish and really they are just far too hard to look after.

But no, he didn’t listen and we ended up with 50 fish. 50 fish that guess who had to look after? Moi. And 50 fish that really did not fit in the bowl/pot we had purchased to put them in. So, the quest was on to find a more suitable home for them and we chose a big pot that looked like it sort of came out of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

I must admit, I actually enjoy them and was completely heart broken when we came home the afternoon of the scorcher we experienced a few weeks to half of them floating along the top of the water gasping for air 😦 they were cooking int the water. 3 of us did everything we could but unfortunately 18 of them just couldn’t cope. We now have a temporary gazebo set up over them and thank goodness has kept them cool.

Yesterday the water lillies also started to bloom, so I guess that means everyone is happy! I think it’s absolutely amazing though that they close themselves at night and reopen during the day.

*I am playing Point + Shoot over at sunny + scout. Pop on over and join in too.

4 thoughts on “Point + Shoot ~ Water Lily Blooms

    • I’m lucky half of these fish have even lasted this long!!! It took me all night but I remembered…Tupac & Shakur or was it Black Sambuca??? LMAO

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