Happy 1st Birthday!

11 months ago a little black ball of fluff was placed in my hands and I was asked if I could look after him until a home was found. Little did we know that day that our home would become his.

The first few months were very difficult. As cute as he was I realised how much a new born kitten really needs to be with its “biological” Mum. Even though we got Kobe at 6 weeks, those extra 2 weeks he had with his “Mother” made such a huge difference. He was ready to face the world. Jasper on the other hand, was not and 2 hourly feeds including pee & poo runs then gastro as well as working full time took its toll on me. I experienced “post natal depression as well Mumma guilt with Kobe and I lost it when Kobe decided to pee all over the laundry floor. The only thing making me go on was the pair of (back then) bright blue eyes looking back at me saying thank you for saving my life. It took me nearly 3 months to toilet train Jasper but in the end we got it.

He has changed our lives completely. He came at a crucial time when our lives were turned upside down with the news that Jordan’s life was limited. They are now inseparable and to be honest I have no idea how Jasper is going to cope without his dog 😦 but for the time being they enjoy each others company and I believe Jasper gives Jordan a reason to push on.

Jasper has a completely different personality to Kobe. Kobe is and has always been quite lazy, where as Jasper is go go go. Kobe never clawed the furniture, Jasper made his mark from day 1. Kobe is a Mumma’s boy, Jasper is a Daddy’s boy. The only thing that motivates Kobe is food, Jasper is motivated by search and destroy, you cannot leave anything unattended or he will find it…hair ties, paper, receipts, ornaments, he even found a new wrapped tampon and ran off with it 😮

Every day has been filled with laughter since he arrived. I know he is here for a reason and I thank the person who sent him to us from the bottom of my heart. He was unexpected but the love and enjoyment he has brought us is second to none.

Happy 1st birthday little man. You are so naughty but we wouldn’t change you for the world!

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