Point + Shoot ~ Oh Christmas Tree

It’s only 6 days ’til Christmas and I still haven’t put up my tree. I think I’m still in shock at how quickly it has come around this year and seeing we actually wont be celebrating the day at home, I think I probably wont put it up at all. The other issue I have is a little black furry monster, aka Jasper, who has become a serious kleptomaniac a the moment at steals everything that is not glued down. If it can fit in his mouth, or be moved by his paws it’s gone. So, I am a little worried to what I will come home to if I put up the tree, and our tree would definitely entertain him for 5 days seeing it is so big!

So lately I have had to enjoy other people’s Christmas trees and the one at Robina Town Centre never ceases to disappoint.

Pop on over to sunny+scout and join in with today’s Point + Shoot!

3 thoughts on “Point + Shoot ~ Oh Christmas Tree

  1. I can’t believe you haven’t put your tree up yet! I doesn’t feel like Christmas at all does it! I haven’t even seen any christmas decorations that have made me feel happy, so it’s nice to see some Robina Christmas cheer though, that makes me happy.

    Where are you for Christmas this year? I thought you’d be home??


  2. Britt, I know the feeling about small kleptomaniac animals – in fact, I have one myself. It has taken pretty much everyone in the house all of their energies not to remove the christmas tree as it’s constantly being raided by our dog.

    Not to mention the poor presents!

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