I Heart Faces ~ Furry Faces

As a lot of you would know the little monster, Jasper, came in to our lives unexpectedly at 4 weeks of age and has turned our live upside down and inside out. To be honest, 10 months later, we wouldn’t have it any other way. He makes us laugh, he makes us cry, he loves the dog, the dog loves him, he’s brought out the kitten in Kobe our other cat and even though he is just “another black cat” he is our little darling black cat.

At 11 months of age he has his own little portrait portfolio happening. I just can’t stop photographing the many “expressions of Jasper”.

This one that I have entered over at I Heart Faces for their Pet Photo Challenge is a prime example of Jasper in “OMG I see a bird” mode. He starts the little chatter and will thump his tail as hard as he can on the ground.

I just love our little man!

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