Good News

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My Mother rang me a few weeks ago to give me news that no one wants to ever hear…my Grandmother had been in hospital to have polyps removed and they wanted to run more tests because they thought she could have bowel cancer.

I must admit I was a little numb to the thought of having my Grandmother go through such a shocking cancer and only losing my Grandfather a few years ago plus what we are going through with my dog Jordan at the moment, I just didn’t want to hear about it.

Mum was preparing me for the news and if it wasn’t good she wanted to put me on a plane as soon as possible to get me down to see her in Adelaide.

I managed to remain calm for the last couple of weeks and keep in a positive frame of mind.

Last night my Mother called with the news that I was so hoping to hear, my Grandmother had received the a-ok and in true “Nanna Style” she walked out of the Dr’s surgery planning her next overseas trip. My Grandmother has become a jet-setter lately and has racked up plenty of frequent flyer points to take her around the world! From a woman who was completely and utterly dedicated to her husband and family, she has realised that one must look out for themselves sometimes and enjoy life to the fullest.

I am one happy Grand-daughter and am so excited to see her at Christmas after she celebrates her 82nd birthday on the 23rd December.

2 thoughts on “Good News

  1. That is awesome news Britt! So happy for you. Bowel cancer is horrible – my nanna had the surgery and subsequent chemo, however she had to have more surgery and I found out yesterday that she wasn’t so lucky this time and it’s in her glands already. Wouldn’t wish it on anyone and I am rapt that you don’t have to experience it. xxx

    • Oh Gayle I am so so so sorry 😦 cancer is horrible and it is just taking too many people…and animals as well xxx

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