Kick Start Update

This is exactly how I felt on day 1…day 2…oh and yes, day 3. Today being day 4, I’m actually feeling much better. I have also gone through all the motions of anger, sadness to just being a down right b!tch. Better to get it all out now I suppose!

I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I would last 4 days. This is a major feat for me. I’m actually surprised with myself. Pat on the back for me! I’m not going to lie and say it has been a piece of cake…mmm cake…I had a major meltdown on day 1 especially seeing my house was full of chocolate and lollies for the Halloween trick or treaters but I pulled through.

Day 2 I started to regret making the decision to start this diet and every mouthful of the soup was making me want to gag but by that evening after I ate my allowed baked potato I was seriously in heaven. It was that moment that I realised how much I love and rely on carbs. Funny though I was actually craving protein more than anything else.

This morning the Husband made me the first banana smoothie of the 3 that are on the menu for today and I instantly felt revived. The bananas are supposed to suppress sweet cravings but the only day I yearned for one was on Halloween.

Tomorrow and Saturday I get to eat a serving of meat and Sunday it’s all over. I’m just over half way there so there is no backing out now!

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