A Kick Start

Saturday was our 6th year wedding anniversary and what do most people do when they celebrate? EAT! I made an executive decision that after this weekend I was going to buckle down and look after myself but funny enough there was only day that we were ‘naughty’ when it came to food choices.

To celebrate on the actual day of our anniversary we went to Bazaar at QT. Bazaar is an interactive buffet where most of the food is cooked for you before your eyes. Suits me just fine as I am not really a lover of buffets. I’m also concerned at the amount of time food is left out and what can be added to your meal from everyone breathing or, heaven forbid, touching the food. This is dining at its best and it never fails to disappoint right down to the decor and the staff.

To top off our celebration weekend the Husband took me to Versace for High Tea. I love the relaxing atmosphere of the place and the cute little cakes are just delectable. I was even shocked to see that instead of the usual plain and sultana scones we had chocolate chip. something I had never thought of before!

So…this week I now bid farewell to world of food delights and say ‘hello’ to the Kick Start Diet. I have decided that the only way to get myself on the right track is to detox. I love to eat soup and this diet is based around it so here goes nothing.

I will keep you updated on my progress but so far I have eaten half of a halved rockmelon, a handful of blueberries, 2 big bowls of soup, 2 x 500ml of water and a black coffee. I still have a pear to eat while at work and will have a bowl of soup for dinner and whatever fruit I desire (except for banana). I’m actually feeling ok except the constant need to pee is doing my head in.

Let’s see if the motivation is still there in a few days time!




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