Breakfast with Tigers for Breast Cancer Awareness

This morning the Husband & I were invited to Tiger Island in Dreamworld for a Pink Ribbon Breakfast to raise funds for breast cancer awareness & were lucky enough to have the handlers walk Mohan, their white tiger, amongst the guests for a pat.

I was ecstatic to be a part of two things that mean a lot to me, breast cancer awareness & education on tiger survival.

If you have ever been to Dreamworld & visited Tiger Island you would understand how passionate the team are about their plight to educate people in saving such an amazing species & how relaxed & calm the tigers are with their handlers & the people around them. Two tigers were brought out on display to show us how they interact with their handlers as well climbing, jumping & all over showcasing their abilities.

Mohan, the 17 year old white tiger, was brought out to walk amongst the guests & we were allowed to pat him. 4 years ago I organised a tiger walk with Mohan for the Husband’s birthday & we were lucky enough to go on his morning walk through the park for an hour, patting him as much as we wanted. You can tell he is a professional at his “job”. He is so calm around people & just takes it all in his stride. The handlers are always prepared “just in case” & carry an extra chain, cane as well as making sure there are 2 or more them around. They are always on alert.

The rest of the morning was spent raffling off prizes for breast cancer, to which I won a 3 month gym membership (telling me something much???) & then to top it off the Tower of Terror was opened for those wishing to say hello to their breakfast for a 2nd time…no thank you!

Remember this month is Breast Cancer Awareness month so please dig deep in to your pockets & give. My Aunty was diagnosed with breast cancer twice and had to have both breast removed as a consequence. It was & still is very hard for my family to comprehend that this happened & we are always wary that it can happen to the other females in our family. Knowing it could happen to me is an eye opener to why we need to raise as much money to find a cure.

Please help!

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