Point + Shoot ~ Swallows

In the 13 years that I have lived here I have never seen as many swallows as what I have lately.

I took Jordan to a new park a few weeks ago & took my camera with me as I knew there would be a bit of wildlife to photograph. Little did I know there would be swallows there & also little did I know how fast they are. They would have to be the hardest birds to shoot when they’re in flight. I came home that day without one in focus photo.

This weekend I was photographing 2 properties in a new area & as I was taking photos of the pool & BBQ area for all of the residents, 3 swallows flew past me at lightening speed. I looked up from where I was standing & noticed a nest. Bingo, I could finally get a photo!

I pulled out my telephoto lens to make them feel a bit more comfortable with me at a distance & waiting for them to come back to the nest. As you can see their little wings flap so fast that you can see the mess that they have made on the ceiling of the awning above them.

Cute is really the only word to use to describe them when they are flying around. They are amusing to watch at how they can move so quickly without running in to each other.

*This post is part of Point + Shoot over at sunny+scout. Pop on over to play along too!

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