Point + Shoot ~ Rainy Weekend

The one day that I get off work to spend time with myself being able to do whatever I wanted to do, Saturday, and it was miserable. It rained all day. I had planned to take my SLR out to take some scenic shots but the fog had other ideas. You couldn’t see a thing. I also had to do the grocery shopping so I drove around trying to find a shopping centre with an undercover car park that wasn’t too busy. Everyone else had the same idea though.

Having spent last weekend in Adelaide, I thought I might as well have a relaxing afternoon at home so I hurried through my shopping and found one of my cockatoos sitting on the fence in the rain waiting to be fed.

The feeder was overflowing with water and the guilty look I was getting was telling me that he wasn’t going to leave without a full belly. All I could think of was grabbing a Tupperware container and leaving it on our outdoor table for him. He was happy with that. He quickly gobbled up his share before 15 others flew down to squabble over the rest leaving a huge mess on the table for me to clean up.

This post is part of Point + Shoot over sunny+scout. Pop on over and join in too!

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