True Blood = Sleepless Nights

Apart from suffering from a bad cold, this is the reason why I am having sleepless nights. No, not because I am having wild thoughts about this man 😛 OMG who wouldn’t??? but because the Husband and I have become addicted to True Blood.

It has only taken us 4 years to work out what all the fuss has been about but after watching the first episode of Season 1 we were in hook, line and sinker. Every night for the past few weeks we have seated ourselves in front of the screen in the media room and watched the life of Sookie Stackhouse unfold. Only problem being that each episode is ended with a cliffhanger that makes you want more, so more we watch = not getting much sleep at night.

To us, True Blood is the “naughty” version of Twilight and being Twilight fans, we love it!

4 thoughts on “True Blood = Sleepless Nights

  1. OMG B! We are exactly the same – we watched season 1-3 in a matter of two weeks if that and now we are up to date and HATE that we have to wait a week for new episodes.

    It is very rare hubby and i like a TV show equally – there have been the exceptions to this rule – such as How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family. But this is one we both love!! D calls it “Sookie” instead of “TB” and I have started calling it Eric – I didn’t get the fuss on the show to begin with and certainly didn’t get the fuss about Eric – but he just got better each season – and now I LOVE it when he comes on screen and find myself daydreaming about his “boy bits” that we get to see when he is wearing low riding pants and no shirt – YUM!

  2. My nickname is Britty so E will walk up to me and whisper “Britty” exactly how Bill says “Sookie” hahaha I’m not usually in to blondes but OMG Eric is just swoon material. Also liking Alcide too.

    E FF’s through the intro too but only because he finds it annoying 😛 it is a little weird.

  3. Oh I love the intro song, it’s my ring tone!
    Everyone is quick to judge TB until they actually sit down and watch an episode or two. I love it (and wouldn’t say no to Bill or Eric)

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