Red For Daniel

8 years ago, a 13 year boy called Daniel Morcombe was abducted from a bus stop on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. For 8 years his Mother, Father, twin Brother and family have desperately searched for any clue of where he may be. They went to every length possible to find him including advertising on billboards, milk cartons, posters, etc in the hope that someone would know where their boy was.

They never gave up hope.

This weekend a police conference was given and finally the Morcombe family may have peace. A 41 year old man from Perth was taken in to custody for the murder of Daniel whilst police search extensively in overgrown bushland near Buderim for him.

While Australia and even the world waits for what the police find, I cannot even begin to imagine how his family would be feeling right now. Their son should have turned 21 years old this year along with his twin Brother. How could someone do this to a family, we will never know.

May he rest in peace and the Morcombe family finally find closure.

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