Puppy Portraits

I mentioned a while back about our Zoo Studio photo shoot with Jordan and on Saturday I picked up the final products.

Hanging in pride of place on our living room wall is the above photo on a large canvas. Our living room wall has been turned in to the ‘animal wall’ with photos of all our animal encounters and now Jordan’s portrait has become the central piece.

I just cannot believe how much Ken has captured the Jordan we know and love in this one photo. This is exactly how Jordan drapes himself over the edge of the bed with the same look of excitement. I’m even shedding a little tear as I look at it while I type this post. That’s my baby right there!

As well as the canvas we decided on a boxed set of mounted photos so we could rotate them on our ‘animal wall’. The box itself has a photo of Jordan on the front so we can leave it on the coffee table and inside is 15 mounted photos that we chose.

The whole experience with Zoo Studio has resulted in cherished memories of one of the loves of our lives. I highly recommend that if you ever get the chance to have Ken photograph your fur-children you will not be disappointed.

Check out their work here: Zoo Studio


3 thoughts on “Puppy Portraits

  1. It was so funny because someone posted on the pics on FB about ‘how big he’s going to be when he grows up’ hahaha my response was ‘he is grown up’ 😛

    He’s doing quite well at the moment and has finally put some weight on!


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