I have a new found addiction and it’s called Instagram!

I stumbled across this amazing iPhone/iPad app while I was searching for photo editing apps and now I am completely hooked.

Thousands upon thousands of users worldwide upload their photos showcasing their skills and “showing off” to their followers as well as the users who find their photos through a hashtag system. I have met some wonderful and extremely talented photographers out there and have gained so much inspiration in my own shooting AND in return I have been honoured many ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on my own photos boosting my confidence that little bit more.

Instagram is not just professional photographers but for anyone who takes photos and wants to show the world their life in pictures and these days EVERYONE has a camera of some sort in their hands.

To download the free app go to the Instagram website or find it in iTunes.

You can also find me on Followgram which is an internet based version of what is uploaded to my Instagram account and can be viewed on your computer or laptop.

I highly recommend you check out Instagram and become as I hooked as I have!

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