How Time Flies ~ 6 Months Today

Today is Jasper’s 6 month birthday! It’s so hard to believe that the little 4 week old kitten that was placed in my hands has definitely found a place in our home.

He has completely changed our lives, turned it around a little but we get over those hurdles. The little black ball of fluff is loved by everyone who comes in to contact with him at home & at the office. He still comes to work with us & brings so much joy to our staff & clients.

Jordan & Kobe have finally welcomed him with open arms (paws). Jasper is totally besotted with Jordan (or his “dog dog” as we call him). We have a few wrestling moments happening in the house with flashes of black, white & brown running around furniture as well as over but they always end in smooches to each other or Jordan coming in between them to break it up, usually defending Jasper’s honour.

His love for us is marked with following us around the house from room to room or constant smooches we get as soon as arrive from work & when we are trying to sleep or the funny little noises he makes when we imitate him.

Life with Jasper as been tiring. The sleepless nights have been testing & the cleaning up after small incidents have been proving how patient I can or cannot be BUT I wouldn’t change it for the world. He came in to our lives for a reason & that reason has given us love, smiles & endless laughter that we would never expect to have.

Happy 6 Month Birthday Monster, we love your little bones xxx


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