I went to bed with a niggling headache last night that ended up turning in to a full-blown headache this morning bordering a migraine. As per usual I have far too much work to do to even contemplate staying home so I took a few Panadol and powered on.

Bad move.

The headache then turned in to eye aches, stomach burning, feeling the need to be sick and just down right ill. I jumped up from my desk and ran to the toilet but by the time I got there the feeling to be sick subsided. I knew what everyone as thinking when I walked back in to office and I could tell by the looks on the faces the question was going to be asked…”are you pregnant?”

I get that it is an exciting subject and I definitely know that many people around me are awaiting the news but some times a headache is just a headache!

On a good note, we have a very comfy lounge in our office so I managed to lie down and get rid of it plus the need to be sick. I still don’t think the staff here are convinced though.

2 thoughts on “Misinterpretations

  1. Aww Britt xx

    I understand that feeling – Actually I didn’t get a lot of “are your pregnant” comments, or even looks really – but get an awful lot of “when is it going to be your turn?” like I had any say in the matter. All I can think is these people are obviously lucky enough to realise that it doesn’t come easy for everyone and that the “are you pregnant?” or “When are you going to have a baby?” comments and looks can be really hurtful. It got to the point I would be rather snappy and tell them of our challenges so that they may watch their big mouths the next time they question someone “my age” about why they dont have children yet

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