Point + Shoot ~ Surfers Paradise

This weekend was full of eating…something that we love to do! Our plans on Friday night were to go to our new favourite haunt, Bazaar at QT in Surfers Paradise but alas we failed to book and a company had taken over 3/4 of the premises for a work function so we decided to go to our new favourite Greek restaurant. We dined on Meze and an awesome sweet Greek wine which went down far too quickly.

Saturday afternoon a group of us went to a la carte in the park, an annual food festival held in 4 different locations spread out through the year. This year they showcased about 15 Surfers Paradise restaurants, a winery, a brewery and even ice cream.

Sunday morning I woke to freshly cooked apple & mixed spice pancakes, brewed vanilla coffee & squeezed carrot & apple juice all care of the Husband. For lunch he prepared an antipasto plate with home-grown tomatoes & basil from our garden & freshly baked bread. Would love to know what he’s done wrong??? 😛

For dinner we tried a new Indian restaurant care of the online deals that are becoming extremely popular. We had a $139 banquet for $50. Not as good as our trusty local but we weren’t complaining about the price!

This post (photo) of the Surfers Paradise “eye” is part of Point + Shoot over sunny+scout. Pop on over and play along too!

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