Aromatics Fine Fragrance

I love perfume and I love my home to smell fresh and inviting. Having an indoor dog I am always worried about what my house smells like so I always have windows open and an abundance of candles, essential oils, incense, scented reeds, etc.

So, it was fitting for me to receive a present from Dusk from a dear friend for my birthday. I opened the packaging and in it was am absolutely beautiful bottle with a wick and fragrance. She explained to me how to use it and that it would fill the whole house with the scent. I actually didn’t believe her at first but I followed the instruction manual and was completely amazed at how my home was filled the most beautiful smell of gardenia.

I am now hooked on the Dusk Aromatics Fine Fragrance range and purchased another scent ready for when I need to replace the scent in the bottle at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Aromatics Fine Fragrance

  1. I got one of these for christmas, I cannot remember the fragrance but found it really strong!
    Perhaps I just need to buy a more subtle fragrance.

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