Point + Shoot

The day we brought Jasper home, Jordan’s face lit up with so much excitement as if to say “a new friend for me?”. He thought all of his Christmas’s had come at once until the day he realised he had claws and teeth and that was actually a “cat”. As the weeks have progressed Jordan has become a bit calmer around him. He doesn’t stand there anymore ready to pull away if the claws come near him.

He and Jasper have become mates. Jasper will purr as soon as Jordan comes near him, he just loves his dog so much.

Jasper knows when Jordan is not feeling well and he will lie with him when he is sleeping. I caught them in a loving mood on the weekend as they were enjoying the smallest amount of sun filtering through the bedroom window. A photo tells one thousand words and these photos prove how much Jasper adores Jordan.

This post is part of Point + Shoot. You can play along too over at sunny+scout.

5 thoughts on “Point + Shoot

  1. All 3 of them get along, except Kobe can get a bit snooty sometimes. Jasper just idolises Jordan so much.

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