Sick Puppy

We were told when Jordan started the medication for his prostate that one of side effects was stomach ulcers. He has been doing so well, so happy up until 2 nights ago. He vomited his dinner and then proceeded to vomit again during the night. He paced around the house and was extremely uncomfortable until he wore himself out and finally fell asleep.

When he woke he gave us the sign that he was in pain. He started to clench his stomach. We knew it was time to go back to the specialist. We had a bit of a cry in worry that this was it. The vet ran tests and everything came back ok and he also checked his prostate which is still the same size so in a way that is a good thing, it hasn’t gotten any bigger. He was given an anti-nausea drug given to chemo patients and we were sent home with medication to heal his tummy. He’s not happy and he will only eat little bits of BBQ chicken but all in all he is alert and at home. I suppose if you had been vomiting and only eaten a handful of chicken you wouldn’t be feeling 100% either???

The next plan of attack is a trial chemo drug coming for the USA. We are getting to the point now where we know he wont be here much longer but we are in agreeance with the vet that we just want to make him comfortable and keep him happy, which when he is not sick he is!

Come on my boy, we can get through this small hurdle xxx

3 thoughts on “Sick Puppy

  1. I’m so sorry to hear Jordan isn’t well – here’s hoping he picks up soon. Good news that his prostate hasn’t changed in size, that’s a positive….He’s a very lucky boy to be so loved.

    Thinking of you….


  2. I’m so sorry to read that your boy isn’t doing too good at the moment.
    Animals are so loving and loyal, it is so horrible when they are sick.
    I hope Jordan feels better very, very soon!

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


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