Leona Lovin’

Strolling through the shops last night at late night shopping, I couldn’t help but feel myself being pulled towards Leona Edmiston. I absolutely adore her clothes. They’re so feminine, so chic. The first item I noticed was this amazing Kaftan dress and I knew I HAD to have it!

I took 2 sizes in to the dressing room and proceeded to try the smaller size on first. To me it felt like it was clinging so I quickly put the bigger size on before I heard those words “how are going?”. I knew I had no choice but to show the assistant. I could tell by the look on her face something was wrong. “Which size do you have on?” she asked and I told her the bigger one. “Get that off now, it looks like a sack”. So I did what I was told and put the smaller one on. “Much better!” I was told and she pushed me in front of the mirror to explain why. From that moment on, I knew I liked her and even more, the dress.


I can team it with leggings, boots and a jacket for Winter and I can team it with sandals for Summer. The list is endless. I can see this Kaylee Kaftan Dress is going to be a winner.

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