Before & After ~ Bedroom 4

When we built our house we decided on a design that would suit an expanding family. One day it WILL happen. We also have many of my family members visiting from interstate and we wanted to be able to accommodate them without having to move furniture whilst keeping them comfortable and me sane.

We are very lucky to have 4 bedrooms + a study so everyone can have their own space. Bedroom number 4 has become a contemporary Asian inspired room revolving around my wedding kimono, a gift from Japan.

List of new items:

  • Bedside tables reused, originally in our bedroom but have been stored for years
  • White curtains from Ikea
  • Japanese fan a gift from my cousin (brought back from Japan)
  • Black comforter
  • Paisley-ish cover + matching cushion
  • Kokeshi dolls with dragonflies wall art

Our spare bedrooms are at the other end of the house and we hardly ever go in to them, except when we have visitors and to vacuum but I still want them to look respectable. I’m happy with the outcome, as I didn’t have to spend much at all!

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