Surgery Blues

My little boy is off for his first (and hopefully last) round of surgery. He is being desexed today!

As much as this is so important and it MUST be done, I am having ‘Mummy’ guilt. I think it is more due to the fact that he wasn’t allowed to eat from 8pm last night or this morning and when I pick him up he will be shaved and sore.

All in all though, this is for a good reason and as pointed out to me this morning, hopefully I will not have to line my carpet and rugs with aluminum foil anymore.

I can’t see this calming him down any time soon though as this little ball of fluff will always be a monster!!!

4 thoughts on “Surgery Blues

  1. I’ve got a Siamese and I was very reluctant to send him off for the same opp, but he is probably a lot more content now, and definitely a lot sookier. He’s gorgeous.
    And so is yours!

    Gorgeous photo of your boy!

    • I was the same with my Burmese but he is the calmest and most relaxed cat now, still can be a typical cat and be aloof though πŸ™‚

      Thank you, he is gorgeous and extremely smoochy. I think he realises that we saved his little life!

    • He was out of control when we got home after I picked him from the vet but when the ‘good’ drugs wore off the next morning he was miserable 😦 I gave him his antibiotic and he was fine after that. Had a ball in the office pulling everything apart. He has actually become really smoochy to Jordan and wants to sleep with him all the time!

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