Fire Pits

All Images Courtesy of Houzz

The longer I have lived here in Queensland, either I have adjusted to the weather or it is definitely getting colder in the cooler months. Last Winter we used our heater every night and we even had a blanket on the bed to keep us warm through the night. I also know when it’s getting colder because the fur-kids become instant hot water bottles snuggling against me for warmth.

We purchased an outdoor heater last year but the Husband and his friends decided that the Weber created more warmth and was much more fun than something that uses gas. They wanted real fire! I on the other hand prefer the Weber to be used for what it’s made for…food. So we have decided to purchase a fire pit.

Now the quest is on to find what will suit us and our deck. As per usual we have been internet searching and are completely amazed at what is available plus what can be built to suit your needs and taste. I think I am leaning more towards a bowl shape but this Sunday we will be on the prowl.

2 thoughts on “Fire Pits

  1. Love the second last picture with the water around the pit! Added bonus is that in summer it doubles as a water feature/water bowl for the fur babies!

    When you get it in I am coming around with a bag of mashmallows too!

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