Dog’s on Film!

From the moment I saw the work of Zoo Studio I knew I would be booking in at least one of my fur-children for a session!

As per usual, I keep ‘meaning’ to do things and I forget about it. I kept ‘meaning’ to book in Jordan for a photo shoot and the time finally came when he fell ill, hence the shave mark on his leg. We knew it was time to get things started when we were told that we didn’t have much longer with him and right now the medication is keeping him stable.

He has been getting tired very easily, we can’t pull him around like we used to and he will let us know 😦 so we were completely amazed at how excited he was and how he lasted the full 2 hours at his photo shoot. He had a ball, literally.

Ken, from Zoo Studio was just amazing with Jordan. He is so calm and even though Jordan is a social butterfly, he gained his trust within minutes. Ken knew exactly how to get him in to position without pushing him and Jordan was responding perfectly.

The above photographs are care of our sneak peek from Facebook and I can’t wait to see the rest at our viewing. I know it’s going to be so hard choosing what want.

Thank you so much to Ken and Beck for making it such an enjoyable experience for us and especially our boy.

2 thoughts on “Dog’s on Film!

  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE them!!
    You can see his personality in the pics, especially the top one. I love. What a great keepsake. I hope he’s doing ok x

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