In Honour of William & Kate’s Wedding

I grew up in the City of Churches aka Adelaide, South Australia. When you drive through the city you will notice that there is a church on nearly every corner. Different sizes and different denominations. Adelaide is very multi-cultural city and the churches show that.

I was christened Anglican, Church of England and even though I don’t regularly go to church I always knew that one day I would definitely get married in one. The perfect one being St Peter’s Cathedral in North Adelaide AND the stained glass inside the cathedral came all the way the from where William and Kate are being married today.

Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim blogged about her beautiful wedding photos in honour of today’s event and I thought I would too. I have posted quite a few shots from our wedding previously but here a few more that are very special to me…

My beautiful Maid of Honour, Sarah from My First Little Place, doing up the back of my dress. It was an extremely surreal moment yet I was still relaxed.

One of my Mother’s closest friend’s is a florist and her wedding present to us was all of the flowers for our wedding. My favourite being Oriental Lillies (also known as Stargazers). The smell throughout the cathedral was amazing and the pink was just perfect against my dress.

A very special moment for me as my Grandfather and I waited at the door to the cathedral. He has always been like a Father to me and having him walk me down the aisle meant the world. My heart was broken the day he passed away and looking at this photo of him looking at me reminds me that he will always be looking over me.

Walking through the park outside the Adelaide Cricket Ground, across the road from the Cathedral. Even though it drizzled on our wedding day as soon as we stepped outside the church after our ceremony it stopped for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

Even though I am not the typical girly girl who gushes over weddings I am so excited about the Royal Wedding and I will be parking myself in front of the television this evening to watch it.

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