Dogs 101

Some days I really wonder what we ever did without the internet???

While at a friend’s house on the weekend, we got on to the subject of our animals and their mortality. They have only just recently lost 2 of their beloved pets within months of each other and have decided it’s time for another 4-legged furball to join their remaining puppy.

We discussed what types of dogs we have always thought would be perfect for us and they told us what they were thinking of getting. A few of the dogs I mentioned they had never heard before so we turned on the computer and started Googling. We came across videos from Animal Planet called Dogs 101 and for hours we sat with wine in hand and watched video after video on different breeds of dogs.

We were absolutely amazed at how well they had documented from where the dog originated from to what ailments they can suffer from. They interviewed vets, trainers, etc all giving their own insight and first hand knowledge of the breeds.

I don’t know about our friends but the Husband and I have decided that when the times comes we start looking for breeders of the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Funny enough, when Jordan was a puppy, the Husband had always said that they appealed to him and from watching the video on the breed we are certain that one would be perfect for us!

3 thoughts on “Dogs 101

  1. What a great website! We used to have a Ridgeback and god she was beautiful. So true what it states about them being strong willed, super intelligent, loyal and aloof with strangers lol. Her temperament reminded me more of a cat than a dog at times.

    • We are getting so many great responses to our choice of breed so good to hear you love them too xxx

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