Before & After ~ Kitchen/Living Room

Our kitchen/living/dining is not only the central part of our house it is the hub of our home. Looking back at the day we signed the contract to build, I do wish we had made the living area a little bit bigger seeing that apart from the kitchen it is the main room we use. When it came to purchasing a new lounge we found it extremely difficult because all the latest corner suites are huge in comparison but I found one and it is damn comfortable.

List of new items:

  • Painted feature wall behind TV
  • Lamp
  • Corner lounge suite
  • Matching TV unit & coffee table
  • Rug
  • 3 more chairs around kitchen bench
  • Utensil holder
  • Pictures have been hung on the wall
  • TV has been mounted on to the wall

Finishing off the rooms has been a long process of over 3 years but what we have achieved has made the area comfortable and homely.

5 thoughts on “Before & After ~ Kitchen/Living Room

  1. I love how you’ve created a zone for the living area with the feature wall looks great. And I’m a tad jealous you can watch tv from the kitchen, well a lot jealous actually!

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