Point + Shoot

Long story short, for my Brother’s birthday last year we had dinner in Brisbane and one of our diners ordered tea after dinner. Out came a tray with her pot of tea and the milk was served in a mini glass old style milk bottle.

Memories came flooding back of my childhood when we lived with Grandparents and every morning I would go to the front to retrieve the milk bottles that the man had left for us. There was always a fight for who was going to peel back the silver lid and spoon out the cream on top. Ahhh those were the days where you didn’t worry about the circumstances of that wholesome fatty goodness.

Anyway, I asked the waiter where they managed to find the bottles and out of places I could get them from Woolworths. They were juice bottles! A 6 pack of apricot juice later I now have a collection of gorgeous little milk bottles so I decided to buy some Gerberas and use them as bud vases. I have 3 of them lined up on our hallway stand so every day I can be reminded of the “good ol’ days”.

You can play along over at Sunny+Scout for this weeks Point + Shoot.

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