Ceiling Fans

Photo Courtesy of Beacon Lighting

The quest is now on the find a ceiling fan for our bedroom. For 3 years now we have been using a pedestal fan and I am really starting to get annoyed with cords, the look of it and really the funny little screeching sound it makes as it oscillates. Basically, I have had enough of the thing sitting in the middle of the room!

I was never really a huge ‘fan’ of ceiling fans until my previous home when I realised how functional they are and being on the ceiling they are not in the way at all. Our home now has ducted air-conditioning so we really never thought we would need fans but most nights it’s not that hot enough to need it, just circulating air will do.

Now, I am one of those that when I get an idea in my head, 99% of the time I wont be able to put that thought in to use, as like the predicament I am in now, can’t find what I am looking for. At first I thought may be we should just get a simple fan that blends in with the ceiling but then I thought what about getting a fan that was a bit of a focal point in the room???

I surfed the net then I visited a few stores. Hmmm, who would have thought that THE ceiling fan could be so difficult to find? Either they are so boring and cheap looking or they are so expensive that you might as well install a split system air-conditioner because the unit plus installation will be the same price.

One store I haven’t been in to as yet is Beacon Lighting. I had a look at their website yesterday and noticed they have fans like the one we have in our alfresco area AND they come in white. We have a Bali-inspired beech and walnut coloured fan outside which we find perfectly circulates the air. The one above is very similar but in white.

What are your thoughts on this fan for our bedroom? It will be noticeable but I think our room is big enough to accommodate it.

2 thoughts on “Ceiling Fans

  1. I just had to go and look at your master bedroom again and I definitely think this fan in white would suit your space! I really do.

    I don’t overly love ceiling fans either but they are oh-so-necessary aren’t they!

  2. I think it will look great as a feature! As bad as fans look, they are a necessity just for that air flow. I was so surprised when we lived in Vic, that so many homes didn’t have fans.

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