When The Going Gets Tough

2011 sure knows how to throw some curve balls! Jordan seems to have completely recovered from his tumor and spleen removal quite well and his back to his normal routine. He does have a few issues with food which I guess is just normal for aging animals and will need to be fed blander food. We also have to give him a tablet every day for the rest of his life which only comes in a bottle of 20 and is not to mention not cheap but the size of a horse tablet. Fun is had by all trying to find different ways of hiding it in his food without him spitting it out. Ice cream seems to be doing the trick though.

Having Jasper come in to our lives has been a rewarding and happy experience but it has come with its testing times. I knew rearing a kitten from 4 weeks old was going to be difficult but when you don’t know their background or where they came from, little things can turn in BIG. We have experienced new sleep patterns, 3 hourly feeds, gastro, constipation, vomiting, toilet training, peeing mishaps, torn ligaments and this week, anaemia. Yes, kittens can become anaemic which meant after a bout of vomiting, shaking and collapsing we rushed him to the vet for extensive blood & fecal testing forcing him to stay in hospital over night. I received a call the next morning from a nurse gushing all over him. Our little monster was perking up as well as taking over the clinic. All tests came back negative. We were ecstatic to hear that there were no virus’s eg feline aids and leukemia or that he needed a blood transfusion but we are completely stumped at what caused it. Not knowing where he came from, he could have developed it from his birth Mother or from being separated too early. Or he could have eaten something naughty. When I say naughty, the frist night back home he vomited at 3am and on inspection I found a bit of the rug from the lounge room 😮 now you know why his nickname is the monster!

The photo above was taken the night he came home from the vet. Kobe missed him so much. They played for hours until it went extremely quiet and we found them passed out on the bed. Jasper even has his Kong with him! It has been a huge shock how much Kobe has taken to Jasper. He loves his little mate even though he can be rough him hence the soft tissue damage to his leg a few weeks ago.

It’s amazing how a tiny black ball of fluff can bring joy in to your life even though he seems to be creating a few headaches too!

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